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Renzo Rogers

Our History

By Walter Bandt Pol

Looking forward to the weekends to see our house full of friends and family again. Feel the magical smells that invaded all the spaces of the home, coming from a kitchen full of joy and motivation ... In the background, the voice of Maria Luz saying: "When you invite your loved ones, you must cook everything for them" ...
They are part of the memories that come to my memory of that wonderful time. But who was Maria Luz? Well, she was Maca. My beautiful mother. My Bella Maca. And so she was known forever in her hometown, La Paz, Bolivia
Known by all as Maca, she became our family, as the source of inspiration to exalt ethical, social, family and moral values, in order to transmit them to our replacement generations. And from this source of inspiration arises this house of all: Our Restaurant Bella Maca. Where we will always be with the doors open to receive you and offer you the best of our kitchen, just as Bella Maca would have done at home.
Our restaurant, The Best In Town, is the product of the union of my more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and the culinary knowledge of my son, Walter Bandt, Chef of marked trajectory and recognized international experience. Welcome and be our most special guests to enjoy in our house, a gastronomic experience of height, fusion of international dishes with the unforgettable flavor that our Bella Maca bequeathed us forever.

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